Unconditional Surrender

By Charles Stanley - In Touch Ministries On February 19, 2008

On occasion, we’re amazed by a believer’s perseverance in adversity and confidence in God’s promises. Such people demonstrate a spiritual fullness that many of us long to have. A closer look reveals that they have followed Jesus’ example and surrendered all to God.

We may find it hard to submit to the Lord, because we like to be in charge. This has been man’s problem since the beginning. Adam and Eve, the first human beings, decided to ignore God’s warning and charted their own course, which ended in disaster. Like them, we often overlook the limitations of our understanding and ignore God’s wisdom and knowledge.

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Another reason that we hold back is fear: perhaps we won’t like what the Lord chooses for us—He might ask us to give up a favorite activity or take on additional responsibility. How we are perceived by others also factors into our decision about submission, as we don’t appreciate criticism for being “too religious.” In addition, selfishness and pride can make us reluctant to let God take charge: we cling to our ideas and dreams and prefer to be independent.

The truth is the opposite of what we think. By yielding control to the Lord, we position ourselves to live the abundant spiritual life. We’ll experience His deep love, which satisfies more fully than any other. Our usefulness in His service will be maximized as we operate in the Spirit’s power. And obedience will also bring glory to Him as well as blessings to us.

Surrender is the way to abundance. Won’t you humble yourself before God and relinquish all to Him?


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