How to Listen to God’s Word

By - In Touch Ministries On March 5, 2005

Last weekend we learned about the closed mind, the cloudy mind, and the cluttered mind, none of which are fruitful ground for spiritual growth. In contrast, the committed mind is fertile soil where the seeds of Bible teaching can take root and grow.

People become close-minded for two reasons—either pride compels them to believe they already know enough to get by, or they fear that hearing the truth will demand something of them. But a fertile mind is teachable, just like that of a child. A 7- or 8-year old doesn't come to church with an unbelieving mind, but rather is open and pliable. And children remember more than we can imagine because the truth of God's Word finds a place in a ready heart. Then the Holy Spirit can bring that truth to their awareness when they need it.

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It is possible to cultivate a committed, teachable mind. First of all, determine to listen to the message that God provides through your pastor. Second, resist the outside clutter that can so easily distract the mind. Third, pledge to evaluate life according to what you are hearing. Finally, commit to applying the truths that God impresses on your heart. Think about it—if you attend church every Sunday with a committed mind, there is no way to apply 52 spiritual truths and still remain the same.

A committed mind is a mind focused on what God has to say. The way we listen determines how we live. And the way we live determines how we are blessed.


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