Experiencing God’s Love

By Charles Stanley - In Touch Ministries On May 30, 2009

Scripture says that God loves us, and the cross proves it. Sadly, though, this is an intellectual truth for many believers, rather than an experiential one. The problem is not with the Lord, but with the individual’s capacity to sense His care.

One hindrance may be the tendency to measure divine love by life’s circumstances. When the Lord allows tragedies and pain, some consider Him uncaring. The age-old question then becomes very personal: “How could a loving God allow me or those I care about to suffer?” We’ll never fully understand His ways, but we can know that His compassion and concern are bigger than the suffering of the whole world, and in the fullness of time, He’ll make all things right.

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A sense of personal unworthiness can also obstruct the acceptance of God’s love. Focusing on past sins and moral failures or comparing yourself with others will lead to guilt and hopelessness. Satan specializes in promoting these self-condemning thoughts and feelings. The Lord never says, “Straighten up, and then I’ll care about you.” Remember that divine love is based on God’s character, not on our performance.

The root of all the barriers to experiencing God’s love is unbelief. When we deny His interest and concern for us, we doubt the truth of Scripture.

The Lord wants each of us to experience His great love in a personal, intimate way. Don’t let the Enemy’s lies or life’s hardships steal the enjoyment and security of this great blessing. When doubts arise, rely on the truth of God’s Word. He loves you. Believe it, and eventually you will feel it.


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