Charles Stanley's Devotional: When Things Seem Impossible (John 6:5-14)

By Charles Stanley - In Touch Ministries On December 9, 2013


Years ago, our church was preparing to purchase some costly property, and our desire was to accomplish the transaction without going into debt. One week before the deadline, we had accumulated less than half the money; raising the rest seemed impossible. I mentioned our need to the congregation, and after the first service, a young couple came up and gave me the husband's wedding band to use toward the payment. They insisted I take the ring in spite of the fact that they were barely getting by and had a baby on the way.

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During the second service, I pulled out the ring and told about this couple's sacrifice. Then the most amazing thing happened. People started streaming down the aisle and giving all kinds of things-boats, houses, jewelry, cars. At the end of that service, we had exactly the amount we needed.

Nothing is impossible for our Father. He used an inexpensive ring to raise over two million dollars in one day, just as He once borrowed a sack lunch to feed five thousand people.

We often make the same mistake the disciples did in today's passage-we ask the wrong question: "What am I going to do?" Instead, we should ask the right one: "Lord, what are You going to do?" God has a plan to guide us safely through every seemingly impossible situation if we will simply trust Him instead of our own resources.

Look to your heavenly Father for whatever you need. He has promised to provide for His children, and He knows the best way and timing to do so.

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