Billy Graham's Devotion: Refiner's Fire (2 Chronicles 33:12) - June 28

By Billy Graham - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association On June 28, 2013

Oklahoma Tornadoes

And when he was in affliction, he besought the Lord his God, and humbled himself . . . 
-2 Chronicles 33:12


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Why do Christians suffer? Rest assured that there is a reason for Christian people being afflicted. One reason why God's people suffer, according to the Bible, is that it is a disciplinary, chastening, and molding process. From the Scriptures we learn that the chastening of affliction is a step in the process of our full and complete development. Affliction can also be a means of refining and of purification. Many a life has come forth from the furnace of affliction more beautiful and more useful than before.


Lord, whatever I have to face, through it let me learn more of Your love and compassion.

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