Adjusting to God's Plan

By Charles Stanley - In Touch Ministries On January 5, 2007

Dr. Stanley has been a Christian for more than 60 years, and in all that time God has never once said to him, "What do you want to do?" The Lord always tells us what He wants us him to do. Also, the Lord never adjusts His plans to suit our purposes. Instead, God always requires that we adjust to His.

The reason He directs all believers in the way we're to go is because He's God—perfect in all wisdom and knowledge. He knows what's best for us at all times. Since our Father desires to be involved in every aspect of our life, He gives clear direction. That allows us to understand what His will is for every circumstance we encounter.

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By walking in the center of God's will, we accomplish what we were created to do. We also experience life at its best. Imperfect humans will not automatically be in God's will. So, we must make an effort to seek His way and live according to biblical precepts.

God is immutable. He's not going to change to suit us. That means, we must make whatever adjustments are necessary to obey Him.

Sadly, by deciding not to get in line with the Lord's will, far too many Christians miss out on His best. He shows them what changes need to be made, but they hesitate. As a result, these believers spend their life wondering why peace and a lasting sense of satisfaction escapes them. They lack contentment no matter how many great things they do or experience. Only obedient living—according to the Father's plan—makes it possible to achieve genuine fulfillment.


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